Get Rich Slowly: A Look Back

July 31st, 2018  | by William Spitz

In 1992, I published an investment book called Get Rich Slowly that was designed primarily for individual investors. As you will see in a moment, the gist of the book should be very familiar to Diversified Trust clients and friends because the principles underlying its recommendations helped form the investment philosophy that our firm employs. …

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Richard Thaler Awarded Nobel Prize in Economics

October 9th, 2017  | by Betsy Wills

We are so pleased with this morning’s  announcement that Richard H. Thaler has been awarded the Nobel Prize in economics.  His work has centered around the incorporation of the human element in economic models.  He wrestles with questions such as “Why don’t people save enough for retirement?” and also co-authored with Cass R. Sunstein the global bestseller “NUDGE” available on Our own Bill Spitz…

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7 Steps to Take Following the Equifax Data Breach

September 14th, 2017  | by Terry Stanford

At Diversified Trust we are committed to our clients’ security. We want to make sure you are aware of the Equifax data breach, understand how it may impact you, and know the 7 essential steps to take in order to protect your personal information. We appreciate Investment News for compiling the below content. You may have read that Equifax, one of the three…

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An “Aha Moment” Regarding Performance Measurement

July 19th, 2017  | by William Spitz

Performance measurement is an important component of investment management since individual investors have a personal stake in the achievement of their investment goals, and fiduciaries have a legal responsibility to assess the progress of the funds for which they are responsible. But, performance measurement is also fraught with peril.  Many investors focus intensely on the…

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ABLE Act Enhancements Being Considered

June 28th, 2017  | by Carter Davenport

The Achieving a Better Life Experience Act, better known as the ABLE Act, is potentially going to receive a face lift. The bill was passed in 2014 and allows family members and guardians to open up a tax-free savings account for children with disabilities under the age of 26 without losing any government benefits, i.e….

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