Investment Management

Fiduciary Orientation

  • As a trust company, we serve in a fiduciary capacity for our clients.
  • Our recommendations are driven by what is in our client’s best interest.

Conflict Free

  • Our portfolio management services are fee-only; fees are fully disclosed and transparent.
  • We have no fee-sharing relationships with the investment managers and strategies we utilize.


  • Our investment process capitalizes on evolving market opportunities.
  • We seek to identify opportunities within the context of appropriate risk management.

Cost Effective

  • Our structure and scale allows us to negotiate attractive investment fee discounts benefitting our clients.
  • Municipal bond portfolios are state specific and separately-managed.

Manager Access

  • Our strategies are managed by a broad group of institutional investment managers, many that are inaccessible to most clients due to their high minimum account requirements.
  • Each manager is a specialist in a specific asset class.

Capital Allocation

  • We believe the investment landscape can be divided into two broad categories: capital appreciation and capital preservation.
  • The key driver of client portfolio performance is identifying the appropriate balance between these two investment orientations.
  • Our strategies offer the ability to tailor an appropriate mix of asset classes to meet clients’ individual goals.

Recognizing Opportunities

  • Recognizing and capitalizing on valuation and pricing opportunities in the markets can be beneficial to client portfolio performance.
  • Opportunities are evaluated in terms of risk / reward and portfolio diversification benefits.
  • Our structure allows for nimble and efficient implementation of opportunistic strategies as well as new investment options.

Strategy Design

  • Each strategy is selected and structured to provide attractive risk/return characteristics.
  • Institutional quality managers are utilized to implement asset class exposures.
  • Regular rebalancing and reevaluation of these strategies are essential risk mitigation tools.


  • As a trust company serving in a fiduciary capacity, we maintain control and oversight of portfolio activity.
  • We establish investment guidelines for each strategy and monitor through regular investment manager communication and reporting.

An appropriate asset allocation is customized based upon each client’s risk tolerance and goals. Each asset class is optimized for return relative to risk, implementation efficiency, and investment management cost. Strategy weightings and components are established, monitored and adjusted. Results are evaluated within the context of client needs and the market environment. Adjustments are implemented as needed.


Our investment platform has been designed to provide both diversification and access to most asset classes and investment styles. After a stringent due diligence process, we retain unaffiliated, highly-specialized institutional investment managers and integrate them into our strategies.

A seasoned, dedicated team of DTC Principals form the Investment Strategy Group responsible for extensive, ongoing due diligence and oversight of asset allocation recommendations, investment strategies, and investment managers.