Institutional Services

Our team includes seasoned professionals in multiple offices with significant, hands-on experience advising on the expansive needs of institutional investors, ranging from small not-for-profit organizations to large university endowments to sizable corporate retirement plans.  In addition, our Principals have years of experience serving on the boards of numerous civic, educational, and other not-for-profit entities.  As a result, we are able to offer the advantage of extensive direct experience with universities, independent schools, public foundations, and other not-for-profit organizations.  We also work with clients who use private family foundations and supporting organizations as a conduit for their ongoing charitable giving.

Our significant experience in the institutional arena provides our clients with seasoned advice well beyond the typical investment management role.

Diversified Trust offers the following services to our institutional clients:

Investment Policy Advisement

We review existing and/or draft original governance guidelines pertaining to roles and responsibilities, return objectives, risk tolerance and parameters, asset allocations, eligible investments, restricted investments and activities, due diligence requirements, and reporting and communication expectations.

Spending Policy Advisement

We help clients determine and document an appropriate spending policy methodology to account for investment earnings, expenses, and annual support obligations.

Investment Management Execution & Oversight

We provide clients access, regardless of their individual asset size, to a sophisticated investment platform designed to emulate the diversification and quality of the largest pools of capital. We also shoulder the burden of actual investment execution, manager hiring/firing, strategic allocation management, and investment policy adherence oversight. This servicing approach, which we refer to as our “Outsourced CIO” model, provides our clients with both the expertise and investment platform of an institutional consultant and the operational efficiency of an investment management office focused on execution.

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Reporting & Communication

We provide detailed, customizable reporting pertaining to performance, valuations, allocation, risk analytics, and qualitative information relevant to the achievement of long-term objectives. We meet in person with our clients’ Boards and Finance/Investment Committees on a recurring basis to discuss the above and provide our insights on capital markets and macroeconomics.

Audit Support

We work hand-in-hand with our clients, and often directly with their auditors, through the annual audit and reporting process. This includes planning and preparation, audit-friendly investment reporting, supplemental information and data gathering, and issue resolution. Another piece to our “Outsourced CIO” service, taking some of the operational workload off the shoulders of our institutional clients and the internal personnel (Chief Financial Officers, Controllers, finance departments) that are responsible for these activities.

Planned Giving Initiatives

We are a resource for planned giving initiatives by helping to design and implement pooled income funds, donor-advised funds, gift annuities, and individual charitable trusts. We are also available to work directly with prospective donors who wish to establish a planned gift to benefit an institutional client.