Diversified Digest: September 11

September 11th, 2017 | posted in: Insights, Uncategorized

by: R. Samuel Fraundorf

Diversified Trust’s investment team brings you headlines of note for the week.Click on the links to access the articles.

Hurricanes have dominated our national attention.  Four interesting articles we have followed are: How should one go about following a storm in today’s information age?  What is the impact of Harvey in relation to other storms over the last several decades (and by extension, how bad might Irma be in comparison)?  What is the likely scenario for Irma, which looks like the worst storm to hit the US mainland?  And our hats are off to the Delta crew that literally raced Irma to Puerto Rico to get one more plane load of people off the island.

We see articles about the future of machine intelligence frequently, and some are actually quite good. Tim Urban’s two part piece, while a little old, is really quite better than simply good!