Diversified Digest: October 31st

October 31st, 2017 | posted in: Insights, Uncategorized

by: R. Samuel Fraundorf

Each week the investment team at Diversified Trust compiles a list of interesting articles which are of interest from an investment perspective.  Click on the links to access the full articles and sources.

Wall Street is very interested in a technology that it believes will rewrite the game.  No, it is not Bitcoin but rather blockchain.  The ability to safely secure a transaction from start to finish, maintaining all information about who touched it and when in the digital world could upend futures, collateral trading and a whole host of what used to be classic Wall Street Bank business.  A video that explains the blockchain in fewer than 2 minutes can be seen below.

The President officially declared the opioid crisis a national public health emergency.  The New Yorker published a very poignant introduction into the marketing of Oxycodone and the creation of millions of addicts.

We think a very important uncertainty for markets, interest rates, and inflation is what tax reform gets passed by Congress.  As with anything inside the Beltway, it may be less about math and economics and everything about politics.

Finally, when you have developed the very best computer model at what may be the most strategic game man plays and are able to defeat the very best human player, what do you do next?  Create an artificial intelligence capable of teaching itself how to beat the best player in the world.


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