Diversified Digest: July 12

July 12th, 2017 | posted in: Insights, Uncategorized

by: R. Samuel Fraundorf

For our mid-year posting we decided to go far afield in our suggested readings; while we continue to spend a great deal of our time gauging and understanding   macro and microeconomic and financial market actions and reactions, we also continue to think about how we can always force ourselves to look at things differently.

Google has made available aspects of its artificial intelligence engine for different uses that have the potential to improve the human experience, including putting an algorithm on smart phones to recognize skin cancer. Wonder how far AI development has come? They are using the same tools to make apps on TV shows!!  

While we would love to do everything right, actually part of the process of getting to right is understanding and learning about wrong.  

Minority Report was one of our favorite movies and is celebrating its 15th anniversary!  And it seems that some of its most concerning concepts and technologies are coming to fruition.   

Finally, there is so much more to unemployment besides the number that gets reported.  Where the jobs are and the demographics of the people looking for jobs is highly influenced by where both are.  This study provides an interesting introduction to the out-of-work.