16 Risks the Stock Market Seems to Be Ignoring

April 1st, 2017 | posted in: Blog, Investing

by: William Spitz

I have been humbled by the markets enough times over the years that I would never suggest that investors have “got it wrong.” But, I do think it is worthwhile to occasionally point out what seem to be anomalies in the capital markets and then try to determine what I (or they) may be missing.  Currently, we have what I consider an odd state of affairs in that all of the quantitative measures that we can evaluate suggest investors believe there is very little risk in the world.  Perhaps that is correct, and there are certainly many recent developments that point toward a stronger economy and better news regarding corporate earnings.  But, it seems to me there are at least the usual number of things to worry about, and one can argue that the world is likely to be more rather than less volatile.

Below is a list to consider.  You can read more in my most recent white paper by clicking HERE.